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7 things to remember

The Poitou-Charentes is the leading French region for escargots farming.

Starting in 2005, a number of producers in the region began a partnership to add value to their products, creating the mark of excellence “Signed Poitou-Charentes”.
This label guarantees:
> the specific species of Helix Aspersa (both Helix Aspersa Aspersa, petit-gris, and Helix Aspersa Maxima, gros-gris)
> both escargots and other ingredients are sourced locally, within the Poitou-Charentes region
> GM free products (<0,9% as according to regulations)
>and conditions that preserve the environment and are respectful of the animals’ well-being (as defined by the IRQUA – Regional Institute for Agrifood Quality).

Seven reasons why the Nomade des jardins  escargots, raised in France with the Signed Poitou-Charentes  label, are exceptional for their quality and flavour.

Our products are a far cry from the industrially produced escargots imported from Eastern Europe and Turkey (which represent 98% of the market), which are transformed in factories in France and which many consider to be of mediocre quality.

Here at Nomade des Jardins, we offer an exceptionally high quality gourmet product that the best chefs can include on their menus.

Taste-testing panels find our escargots tender, flavourful and of consistently high quality, due to the care with which they are raised, generation to generation, and their optimum age (5-6 months).

Even just cooked in stock, the simplest of preparations, they reveal all of their delicate flavour.

1 – Our escargots are tasty

Our Nomade des Jardins escargots, produced in our facilities in France, guarantee maximum traceability. We produce Gros Gris escargots (Helix Aspersa Maxima), a larger species than their renowned cousin the Petit Gris, but with the same exceptional flavour.

2 – Our escargots are healthy

Our production methods follow strict health and safety guidelines at every stage, overseen by the IRQUA quality control association. Our escargots receive 100% vegetable nutrition, guaranteed GM-free, with no added medicines, chemicals or growth stimulators. They grow and live in open air pens in the countryside.

3 – Our escargots are traceable

In the interests of maximum quality, we guarantee the traceability of our escargots: where they came from, their GM-free foodstuffs, their age…

4 – Our escargots maintain their quality

Our production methods, which are stringent through every stage of development, allow us to guarantee regular production. Throughout the year, we produce high quality products for your enjoyment.

5 – Our escargot production is ethical

Our company abides by French social and employment regulations, thus contributing to the positive development of the rural economy in France.

6 – Our escargot production is ecologically friendly

Our production techniques respect the escargots’ natural life-cycle and needs. Their growth is not forced and their development closely resembles that in their natural habitat.

Thanks to our well-run escargot production, wild populations are left untouched. By buying our products, you help to sustain healthy levels of wild escargots species in France and Europe.

7 – Our escargots are traditionally farmed

They are produced in the countryside by small independant farmers. Each escargot farm is managed by an individual who is accountable for the quality of his or her production, stringently meeting the specifications laid out by Nomade des Jardins and overseen by an independent body. Our team is made up of professionals who are specialised in the various stages of escargot development. For the harvest, we employ many seasonal workers with whom we share our expertise and passion.

We invite you to discover and taste our products!

In addition to our traditional dishes, we offer a range of gourmet snacks, ideal for business or social occasions.