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Created in 1999 by three South-Vienne farmers, Nomade des Jardins is based in the Poitou-Charentes region in Central France. Our specialised team of heliciculture experts represents the only integrated escargot farming and processing facility in France. Reproduction, fattening, food production and commercialisation all take place on site.  As the leading escargot producer in France, with an online outlet, we distribute our products both directly and through a network of partners including supermarkets, restaurants and caterers.

Our escargots can be used in all culinary dishes

In our workshops, which meet European regulations, we apply the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method to analyse food safety through scientific testing.
The escargots dishes produced only use high quality fresh produce from the best sources (local butter from the Charentes-Poitou, French-grown parsley, garlic and fresh shallots)

For individual buyers and professionals (snail farmers, dealers, suppliers, restaurants, caterers, supermarkets)

Live escargots, weighing 16-18g, are available throughout the harvest season, from July to October.
Blanched escargots, weighing 6-8g, are available fresh during the shelling period, from July to December, or frozen all year round.
Escargot shells are available throughout the year, unwashed or washed.
Escargots cooked in stock in a variety of specialities, weighing 4-6g, are available fresh or frozen all year round.
Stuffed escargots in their shells or entrées in 6 different gourmet recipes are available all year round, fresh or frozen.
Large escargots are also available year round, fresh, frozen or preserved: these preparations are developed by Nomade des Jardins and the recipes evolve regularly according to the creative inspiration of the moment.

This range of products is regularly supplemented by innovative new dishes to delight the taste buds of the finest gourmets.

Other products

Baby escargots
Blanched escargots (fresh or frozen)
Prepared escargots (fresh, frozen or preserved)
Sauce aux lumas charentaise or poitevine – local speciality cooked in sauce (fresh or frozen)
Escargotine – spreadable paste (in jars)


Through our food production facilities,

close to the escargot farms,

we are able to offer our products all year round